February SPECIALS!

Get rid of your Spider Veins before Summer
Still have Sun Damage from last Summer? Now is the perfect time to get rid of it! IPL treatments are on sale
Reg $350.00
Sale $275.00
SAVE $75.00 the month of February
Getting away on a holiday? Don’t forget your sunscreen
Gift Cards - We now have gift cards! You may purchase them in the store. Or click on the image below. 

It’s a NEW YEAR … It’s time for a NEW YOU

Tighten and firm your way to a brand new you .
Pick any 3 body parts and save $1500
Using Venus Legacy technology


Wanting to get rid of that tattoo?
Here’s your chance!!
Buy a package of 8 sessions and save 50%
Save $800 for a 1-3 inch tattoo
Save $1200 for a 4-6 inch tattoo
$800 for 1-3 inch tattoo pkg
$1200 for 4-6 inch tattoo pkg
**financing available

venus skin

Introducing our newest skin care line - Venus Skin
Advanced Stem Cell Technology 
25% off

Staff pick of the month

Portrait of Loretta


My pick of the month is the treatment Metvix.

PDT Metvix Treatment contains the active ingredient Methyl Aminolevulinate.
Metvix is used for treating lesions on the face, scalp and chest that are at risk of turning into skin cancer (Actinic Keratosis). Metvix is also use to treat some shallow Basal Cell Carcinomas well as Cystic Acne.
Metvix works by killing cancerous or pre-cancerous cells by preventing them from growing or multiplying. Treatment consists of application of the Metvix cream followed by red light exposure . The affected areas absorb the Methyl Aminolevulinate from the cream. By light exposure, the cancerous cells are destroyed. Normal skin will not be affected .
You can speak with your Doctor if you feel you might be a good candidate for this treatment.

Introducing Belkyra


Belkyra is an innovative beauty breakthrough and first -in class- aesthetic treatment for both men and women who are bothered by fullness under their chins, and wish to improve the appearance for their chin profile.
Belkyra is the first and only Health Canada approved injectable treatment for the improvement of the appearance of fullness in the area under the chin. 

Who we are

At SKIN, we employ cutting edge technology in all of our procedures making sure our clients benefit from the latest research and development available in the field of non-surgical cosmetic and medical treatments.

We strive to provide a thoroughly professional, revitalizing experience for our clients. SKIN has been providing comprehensive cosmetic and medical treatment options in Kamloops since it opened in 2005. Dr. Chris Brink and Dr. Sven Kip and clinic staff are committed to providing quality care in a safe & comfortable environment.
In Focus | Dr. Chris Brink


Skin Smoothing
Eyelash growth
Body Contouring
Tattoo Removal
Ageing Skin
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